About The Moogle Crew

Hey there Kupo!

I’d like to Congratulate you on finding the About Page! you have taken the first true step in being a Hero, research!

I guess since you decided to check out the super hidden (mostly forgotten) about page I can tell you a little bit about my secret identity. My true name is…

JUST KIDDING. I am simply a wayward moogle, some have called me a hero of light, or a crystal bearer. but mostly I’m just me. to reiterate on the main page most of what you’ll find on this blog is reviews and general discussion on the gaming/anime/pop culture at large.

Video Game Reviews will be updated on wendsday night every week. and Movies/anime/culture will be posted every Friday.  so make sure to tune in for my Hijinks and lessons in being a true hero!

Stay thirsty my friends, Kupo!


Name: The Wayward Moogle

Sex: Male

Interests: Writing, Video games, Anime, reading, drawing, and networking

History: Beginning his journey not long ago this dangerously optimistic and curious moogle decided he wanted to share his exploits with the world. little did he know what he was getting into or how it would effect him with having so many companions on the road to becoming a Hero.

Name: The Forge Moogle

Sex: Male

Interests: Video games (PC), reading, role-playing

History: encountering the wayward moogle on his quest the forge moogle decided he had found a companion worthy of sharing his incite in the world of Video games. now bumping into the hapless wayward moogle from time to time he takes every opportunity to arm him with the knowledge he will need to succeed. (he also has a small personality problem which leads him to speak in diffrent accents…weird huh?)

Name: The War Moogle


Interests: Video games (Wii/Xone/ps4), Reading, eating hamburgers

History: known to many as “the One moogle hamburger apocolypse”  the war moogle wages war on all fronts including his stomach. armed with a sarcastic wit the war moogle joins in on conversations he see’s wayward and forge having. always hungry and a little edgy the war moogle finds a way to bring a new perspective even if its not needed.



I would like to add that I do not Own Moogles, the image of a moogle (tho i made this one) or the final fantasy brand and they are trademarks of Square-enix, all Ideas and comments are my own and do not reflect the stance of Square-enix on any topics or reviews present on this blog. nor do I own or speak for any companies or games I review within. 


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